Steady Tech

Technology adaptations for better hand control

Perfect for those with Parkinson’s or unsteady hands

AmpliTalk 100 - Voice Activated Amplified Phone

  • Step 1 – Pick up phone
  • Step 2 – Speak name
  • Step 3 – The phone dials automatically!

WEAR- Revolutionary Assistive Listening Device (ALD)

The Wear amplifies sound directly in front of you, while reducing ambient noise

Phones & Communication Solutions

Check our Voice activated telephone or telephone dialers allowing the elderly, the visually impaired and those with limited mobility to communicate

The LapTalk System

The most complete computer access solution for the blind and visually impaired

A little assist goes a long way!

  Whether you or your loved one are in need for assistance, Activocal’s products are the ones for you.

A little assist goes a long way!


Assisted Living technology based products is what we do. We are passionate about making day to day actions like turning on the lights or making a phone call, easier. Whether you or your loved one are in need for such assistance you know how frustrated it can be not to be able to perform those kind of tasks.

Check our variety of unique, cutting edge products. From voice activated phone dialers and assisted listening devices all the way to computer access system. Our mission is to to help!

We want to help change the lives of those in assisted living situations by making it easier for them to perform everyday tasks. Have hard time hearing in a noisy environment? Cannot see well but want to access all the computer has to offer? Want to dial your loved ones simply with the sound of your voice? With the products from Activocal, overcoming those challenges can be accomplished

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