Around: Voice Activated Environmental Phone

Around is a voice activated speakerphone allowing the elderly, the visually impaired and those with limited mobility to communicate by phone using vocal commands and engage in a vocal conversation, as well as receive calls by vocal command with caller identification. Talking caller identification, indicator lights and voice for each action are some of the features that make this a perfect fit for this seeking total telephony independence. 

The product can receive vocal commands from as far away as 15 feet / 5 meters. It can also be used as a regular phone to place and answer calls using the keypad. The cordless handset enables voice activation and phone conversations when roaming around the house.

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Product Description

• Landline, high quality, voice activated wireless speakerphone
• Situated on a desk or table with slight angles towards the user
• Voice recognition used for placing a call, answering a call and other features
• Audio can be routed to speakerphone, wireless handset or wired headset
• Can hold up to 45 names and numbers in non-volatile memory
• Extremely bright peripheral LED stripe
• Battery backup for one hour of continuous use during power outages
• Size and weight: round, approx. 400 grams / 24cm in diameter/ 5cm. in height
• Audio caller ID with name and/or number announcement
• Wireless Handset:
• Conduct phone calls from up to 50ft indoors.
• Dial to any number not in the phone book simply by saying the digits to dial