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Vocca Pro Set of 3



With its incredible voice-recognition and pitch differentiation ability, the Vocca Pro is yet another innovative product in this generation of smart technology. Just program the Vocca Pro through the free of charge app on your phone with your preferred phrase and, voila, let there be light (and darkness)! You can record in your own voice, in your own language, up to 5 different triggers. Once the trigger is synced with the adapter, you don’t need the app any more, it will perform by your voice command only.

The app is compatible with iPhone or Android smart phones. It can be downloaded free of charge from iTune or Google Play.

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Product Description

The VOCCA Pro app can be downloaded free of charge for iPhone or Android smart phones.
This product should only be used with a 30W bulb or less
• Bulb still acts regularly when using the wall light switch.
• You can record any trigger you like, at any language. Up to 5 triggers.
• No need for a professional installer – easy as changing a light bulb.
• The VOCCA Pro also allows you to set “Lights Timers”
• State of the art, Speaker Independent, continues listening voice trigger.
• Works with any mains voltage (110/220V – 50/60Hz)
• Standard Edison screw (E27)