What is the difference between the Freedom and Infinity models?

The Freedom model can store up to 60 names and numbers. The Infinity can hold 45 names and numbers but also enables dialing to any number by saying the digits to dial.

What kind of phones can be used with Vocally?

Any type of landline phone can be used – cordless, speakerphone or a plain desktop phone.

Will the names I store be erased when I disconnect Vocally or after a power outage?

No! Vocally has a Flash memory that will hold the names for more than 20 years!

What is the length of stored numbers? Can I use it to dial to international numbers?

You can store up to 35 digits per number and yes, you can use it for international numbers as well.

What languages does Vocally works in?

Vocally works with a Speaker Dependent voice recognition technology which means it will accept names in ANY language and accent. It will speak back to you in the following optional languages: US English, UK English, German, French, Danish, Dutch, Flemish, Spanish -South America, Spanish – Europe.

I have a fiber/digital cable phone service. Will Vocally work with it?

Usually the fiber/digital service includes a box inside the house which convert the digital signal into analog one which can be used with simple phones. In this case, Vocally will work.







There are already a lot of Assistive Listening Devices in the market. Why is the Wear unique?

We feel strongly that any latency (delay) imposed by digital signal processing is detrimental to the hearing impaired due to lip sync (lip reading) difficulties. For that reason we have focused our technology on an analog circuit design with no measurable latency. We incorporate a patent pending technology using a beam forming array of 10 microphones that create a circular 6 foot zone. Acoustic waves generated in that zone (coherent) reach the microphones at the same time so they are amplified. Sounds from further away (non coherent) reach the microphones at different times are not amplified. This creates a near field to far field signal level difference of 10 to 11 db. That 10 db level difference improves the intelligibility of near field conversation dramatically.

How big is the Wear and how much does it weigh?

Wear is 2 inches in diameter by 1/4″ deep. It weighs 1oz (28grams) including the battery.


How do I charge the Wear and how long would it last?

Wear comes with a USB charger that will charge the internal battery. A full charge will provide about a full day of operation

How do I turn the Wear on?

There is no power switch. Wear turns on whenever an ear bud is plugged into the earphone jack. A yellow indicator on the face of Wear will illuminate when Wear is on. When not being used remove the earphone jack to conserve battery power.

Why don't you use bluetooth?

We do not use Bluetooth due to the audio delay it introduces. That causes lip sync problems. We use analog technology so there is no audio delay.

Will this device work for someone with unilateral hearing loss?

Some people with total hearing loss still are able to hear through bone conduction. The Wear will drive bone conduction headsets.



LapTalk Computer



What is included in the LapTalk Computer package?

The package includes a brand new powerfull laptop, a scanner, an MP3 player, Unique Headset and all the powerful software features of the system.

Can I use a different voice on the LapTalk than the one that is installed?

Absolutely. The LapTalk ships with two voices by default, but it is possible to use other voices. Individual voices can be purchased separately from vendors such as NextUp and can be installed onto your system.

Can I surf the internet with the LapTalk?

Yes. The LapTalk software allows you to access many types of information on the internet without ever needing to open a web browser. However, if you do need to navigate to a web page, the LapTalk includes a screen reader to help you do it. The screen reader vocalizes the content of any web page that you open. It does require training to become proficient, which is why we consider this an advanced feature.

I do not know how to type on a computer keyboard, can I still use the LapTalk Computer?

Certainly. Most features in the LapTalk do not require any typing skills. There are a few keys (up, down, and enter) that are used to navigate through the menus in the system.

For other features such as E-mail or NoteTaker, you will need to learn how to type. Fortunately, the LapTalk has you covered. The Typing Tutor feature is a fully vocalized, series of lesson that will have you typing in no time. As you use the system, every time you press a key it will speak it back to you, so you know what you’re typing. Also, each word is automatically checked for spelling so you can quickly correct any mistakes.








Will VOCCA work both on 120/240 AC systems?

Yes! It will work on both.

Can the VOCCA work with any light bulb?

VOCCA can handle bulbs which do not consume more than 30W of power. This covers most LED or CFL bulbs in the marker today

What is the trigger used to turn VOCCA on and off?

The sound activated switch is ‘Go VOCCA Light’

What is the self power consumption of VOCCA?

VOCCA consumes less than 0.25W

Will the light switch have to be in the on position in order for VOCCA to work?

Yes, that’s correct

From what distance will the voice trigger work?

It all depends on how much background noise is present. In tests we have done we have managed to switch the lightbulbs on and off by saying the trigger from a distance of up to 30 ft!
That being said, 10 to 15 ft. would be the optimal distance.








What is the main difference between VOCCA and VOCCA Pro?

The VOCCA comes with a built in trigger – Go VOCCA Light. With the VOCCA Pro, you can record your own triggers. Each VOCCA Pro can handle up to 5 different triggers, simultaneously. The VOCCA Pro also includes automation features.

Are the technical specifications for the VOCCA Pro the same as the VOCCA?

Yes! Both products have the same technical specifications. More information can be found under VOCCA’s FAQ.

Is the Smartphone's app required for both the VOCCA and the VOCCA Pro?

The VOCCA doesn’t need any app to operate it. The Vocca Pro has a free of charge app that you can download either for iPhone or Android. This app is used for recording your own trigger or set operative functions.

Do I need the app for ongoing operation of the VOCCA Pro?

No! You won’t need it for ongoing operation of the Vocca Pro. It should be used to record your own trigger. once this trigger is set, the VOCCA Pro will work by your voice command only.

How many triggers can the VOCCA Pro hold?

You can record up to 5 different triggers. You can also have different people recording different triggers. In case you want to replace an existing trigger all you have to do is record a different one and sync it to the VOCCA Pro.

Does the VOCCA Pro understand different languages?

You can record any trigger you would like and the VOCCA Pro will be activated accordingly. This trigger can be recorded in any language you would like.

Can I set a specific time the lights will go on or off?

Yes, you can set the Vocca Pro to turn on or off at a specific time via the free of charge app.








For whom is Quha Zono for?

Quha Zono is made for everyone who cannot or does not want to use the standard computer input devices. Typically the users are people with

  • Tetraplegia
  • Dysmelia
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Cerebral palsy (CP)
How can I make a click?

There are several ways to make a click. Please consult the below table to find the most suitable option for you.

How does the double click assist work?

The double click assist helps the user to make a double click using Quha Pufo puff switch or an external switch. Normally it can be very difficult to make a double click, because Windows requires that the cursor is not moving between the clicks. The double click assist freezes the cursor after the first click for a time period that has been set up by Quha Zono setup software.

How can I make an automatic double click?

You can do all different mouse clicks with a virtual button application. Possibilities for Windows are for example Sensory Software’s Dwell Clicker 2 and Point-N-Click software made by Polital Enterprises LLC.

For Mac OS X we recommend software called DwellClick. There is a free trial version available on their webpages.

How does the auto click work?

When Zono’s auto-click is switched on, it makes automatically a left click when the mouse cursor is still for a moment.

Auto-click (feature that performs a single left mouse button click) happens when

  • cursor movement is slower than the threshold that is set by setup software “Auto-click Sensitivity” setting and
  • the time set by “Auto-click Speed” setting is exceeded.

After the auto-click has been performed, the next auto-click doesn’t happen before the cursor movement exceeds the “Auto-click Sensitivity” setting value once. This is to prevent multiple sequential auto-clicks when the cursor is stationary.

What are the vibration attenuation 1, 2 and 3?

The vibration attenuation filters are all based on different mathematical algorithms.

Algorithm 1 removes continuous vibration by slowing down the changes of the mouse speed. It makes the movements smoother, though also less accurate.

Algorithm 2 is a generic filter, which removes both vibration and rapid movements.

Algorithm 3 removes sudden fast movements.

Please feel free to explore all vibration attenuation options to find the most suitable option for you.

Why the cursor moving when I am not moving the mouse?

The Quha Zono mouse has a motion sensor that detects the mouse movements and transforms these movements into cursor motion. The motion sensor is a highly accurate electric component and is affected by ambient temperature among other things. On those very rare occasions when the cursor starts to “drift”, the device can be calibrated by holding the mouse stationary for a few seconds. The easiest way to do this is to place the mouse on a table while it is on. The drifting is then automatically removed in a few seconds.




AmpliTalk 100




How many contacts can I store on the AmpliTalk 100?

The AmpliTalk 100 can store up to 45 contacts.

Can I call phone numbers that are not stored in my contacts?

Yes! You can call any number, whether it is stored in the contacts or not. You can call either by using the large digit keys or dialing by speaking the digits of the number.

Will the names I store be erased when I disconnect the AmpliTalk 100 or after a power outage?

No! AmpliTalk 100 has a Flash memory that will hold the names for more than 20 years!

What is the length of stored numbers? Can I use it to dial to international numbers?

You can store up to 35 digits per number, and yes, you can use it for international numbers as well.

What languages does AmpliTalk 100 works in?

AmpliTalk 100 works with a speaker dependent voice recognition technology, which means it will accept names in ANY language and accent. It can be programmed to speak the commands in either English, Spanish, or French.


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