Who designed your device?


The WEAR has been designed to improve the quality of conversations while aiding in reducing extraneous noise. The mastermind behind the Wear is Prof. Eric Rosenthal, former Vice President at Walt Disney Imagineering research & development, a recipient of the Emmy award, and a Scientist in Residence at NYU.

10 Microphones

The Wear is the ONLY device with 10 microphones to amplify voices within 5’

Only 2” Diameter

The WEAR is the smallest high quality amplifier with only 2” in diameter by ¼” deep, and weighs only 1oz including the battery

The Best Quality

With the WEAR, both left & right channels are active! No latency (Lip sync)! Superb audio quality!

Around You

With the WEAR you don’t have to direct the microphone to the speaker to maintain high quality sound…It amplifies the conversation around you…

Ambient Sound Reduction

Reduces the ambient sound by 10db.

Easy to Take

The WEAR comes in a carry-on case, so it's easy to take it with you anywhere!


  • There are already a lot of Assistive Listening Devices in the market. Why is the Wear unique?
  • We feel strongly that any latency (delay) imposed by digital signal processing is detrimental to the hearing impaired due to lip sync (lip reading) difficulties. For that reason we have focused our technology on an analog circuit design with no measurable latency. We incorporate a patent pending technology using a beam forming array of 10 microphones that create a circular 6 foot zone. Acoustic waves generated in that zone (coherent) reach the microphones at the same time so they are amplified. Sounds from further away (non coherent) reach the microphones at different times are not amplified. This creates a near field to far field signal level difference of 10 to 11 db. That 10 db level difference improves the intelligibility of near field conversation dramatically.
  • How do I charge the Wear and how long would it last?
  • Wear comes with a USB charger that will charge the internal battery. A full charge will provide about a full day of operation
  • How do I turn the Wear on?
  • There is no power switch. Wear turns on whenever an ear bud is plugged into the earphone jack. A yellow indicator on the face of Wear will illuminate when Wear is on. When not being used remove the earphone jack to conserve battery power.